Back to Reality

It’s hard to believe that in just one week, summer will be over and September will be here–it’s back to life, back to reality! Everywhere you look, people are getting ready for the Fall. Mailboxes are stuffed full of flyers advertising back to school specials and teachers are getting their classrooms ready in anticipation of there first day back to school.  The next few weeks are definitely a time of preparation, as calendars are set, commitments are made, and new routines are established. Indeed, even here at Living Waters, we’re in the process of finalizing our Fall schedule and recruiting volunteers for our various miniseries and programs. However, as important as it is to plan and prepare for the Fall, these external things can only get us so far–it’s the inner heart stuff that’s more important. So, to help us prepare ourselves spiritually for September, I want to look at two topics that I think are important for us to consider as we begin this new season and our third year as a church family. All of our plans and programs aside, we are called first and foremost, as individuals and as a church, to discipleship and community.


Sermon:  Discipleship

Preacher:  The Rev. Christopher Doering

Date Preached:  Sunday, August 27, 2017

Reading:  Matthew 16:242-28

Handout:  DiscipleshipHO